What is the gingival recession and how to treat it?

We have gum or gingival recession in cases where the gingival margin moves away from the crown of the tooth. In healthy teeth and gums the tissue embraces the tooth firmly, this tight union prevents food particles from getting in between the gum and the tooth but it also protects the parts of the tooth… View More »

Posterior care to root canal treatments

Root canal treatment is the cleaning of the inner part of the tooth, where in normal conditions you can find the pulp: soft tissue with nerves, blood’s vessels and other cells. If the dental pulp is swollen, it could cause pressure against the canal’s walls and produce pain; little by little the dental pulp loses… View More »

Dental Inlays

Dental inlays are a type of indirect dental restorations.  This means that they are not constructed directly in the mouth, as conventional fillings are (composite resins and amalgams) but instead are manufactured out of the mouth in the dental laboratory and are later cemented on the tooth. Dental inlays are also said to be intracoronal… View More »

Why do my gums bleed and how can i treat this problem?

Very often our patients ask if a little bleeding after brushing and flossing is normal. The answer is no, if the technique used to brush and floss is correct and atraumatic, no bleeding should be present. The main reason as to why gums bleed is because they are swollen, and they swell because of the… View More »

Restoring your teeth with Fixed Bridges

Sometimes we might hear the term “Fixed Bridge” as a dental treatment option.  We could also hear the term “Removable Bridge” or just “Bridge” and we might not have a full understanding of their meaning.  We will briefly provide some general characteristics of these procedures. The term “bridge”, as you might suppose is analogic to… View More »

Restoring your teeth with crowns

You have probably heard someone tell you that they are receiving a dental crown treatment.  Perhaps you have crowns in your mouth or your dentist is considering it and you do not know exactly what it is.  We will summarize briefly some general considerations of this common procedure. Usually, the type of restoration that your… View More »

Management of a Pediatric Patient in Dentistry

Children dentistry requires more than just common dental knowledge, since you are dealing with a human being in a process of change. This quick growth and development is only found in children, because they are in constant change. Children dentistry generally treats prevention, management and education regarding the appropriate oral health, education, not only children… View More »

dental implant

A dental implant is a very small Titanium device that’s placed in a patient’s mouth to replace one or more missing teeth. They have been used for decades in Dentistry, becoming today in the only dental treatment with a success rate close to 100%, being the most reliable and predictable according to today’s standards. There… View More »