Dr. Andrés Cervantes Chavarría DDS, MS

American Academy of Orofacial Pain Board Certified Specialist


University of Minnesota

dr andres cervantes

Dr. Andrés Cervantes Chavarría graduated as a Doctor in Dental Surgery from the School of Dentistry of the University of Costa Rica in 2010, where he began as a researcher. In 2011 he received the Hatton Award in San Diego, California, from the World Association for Research in Dentistry, Latin American Division, for his studies in the genetics of Periodontal disease.

In 2011 the Doctor completed a one-year internship in Oral Surgery at the University of Costa Rica, combined with care in private practice. He began caring for patients with orofacial pain in 2012 when he entered the Postgraduate Program at the University of Costa Rica/CCSS.

In 2014 Dr. Cervantes graduated with a specialty in Advanced General Dentistry from the University of Costa Rica.

He continued his studies in 2015 at the University of Minnesota in the USA, where he began his second specialty and master’s degree in Orofacial Pain, from which he graduated with honors in 2017.

Upon returning to Costa Rica, he worked as a specialist at one of the mayor hospitals the San Juan de Dios Hospital for 5 years and as a professor at the School of Dentistry at the, University of Costa Rica, from 2017 to date.

Dr. Cervantes is the only Orofacial Pain specialist in Costar Rica who is certified by the American Board of Orofacial Pain and certified by the American Dental Education boards.

Recently, the Doctor conducted research on the influence of emotional stress on chronic pain and the impact of COVID 19 on the orofacial area.

He has published multiple articles in scientific journals on bruxism, sleep apnea (sleep problems and snoring), and orofacial neuropathic pain.

Dr. Cervantes has a practice dedicated to the treatment of chronic orofacial pain, sleep apnea, neuropathic and temporomandibular problems.

The Doctor is a passionate pizza maker and marathoner at heart with 19 marathons including the prestigious Boston Marathon 2 times (PR: 2:48).