Dra. Mariana Gil MScD

Periodontics Specialty


Ohio State University

dra mariana gil

Dra. Gil graduated in dentistry from the Universidad Latina of Costa Rica in 2008, first in her class.

In 2009, she completed an internship in Periodontics at the University of Costa Rica. During this time, she was admitted to Ohio State University (OSU) and pursued a three year program in Periodontics.

In 2013, she graduated from OSU with a Master of Science in Periodontics.

She has published papers on topics relating to dental implants and periodontal plastic surgery in both the Journal of Periodontology and Case Reports in Dentistry.

Dra. Gil is the only American Academy of Periodontology Board Certified Periodontist practicing in Costa Rica.

Since her return from postgraduate studies at OSU, Dra. Gil has dedicated her practice to Periodontics. She is Vice President of the Costa Rican Academy of Periodontology and a member of The American Academy of Periodontology.

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