Dental Inlays

Dental inlays are a type of indirect dental restorations. This means they are not constructed directly in the mouth like conventional fillings (composite resins and amalgams). Instead, they are manufactured outside of the mouth in a dental laboratory and later cemented on the tooth. Dental inlays are also called intracoronal restorations. As opposed to crowns … Read more

Restoring your teeth with Fixed Bridges

Sometimes we hear the terms “Fixed Bridge”, Removable Bridge or Bridge as a dental treatment option, but do not fully understand their meanings.  Following are some general characteristics of these procedures. A bridge, as you might suspect, is similar to a bridge used to cross a river. In dentistry, a bridge crosses through a space … Read more

Restoring your teeth with crowns

You have probably heard someone tell you that they are receiving a dental crown treatment.  Perhaps you have crowns in your mouth or your dentist is considering it and you do not know exactly what it is.  We will summarize briefly some general considerations of this common procedure. Usually, the type of restoration that your … Read more