Costa Rica Dental Services: Who can have a Dental Bleaching?

Fotografía que muestra unos dientes blancos después de haber recibido un blanqueamiento dental

As part two of our bleaching series “Dental bleaching and you”, we will discuss some aspects that should be taken into consideration regarding patients who want to bleach their teeth.

  1. Patients not satisfied with their teeth color: This is very important to take into consideration. There are many reasons for teeth to have an unsatisfactory shade. Most of the time, external stains, which are easily removed through a dental cleaning, are the cause. Internal stains are another reason for poor teeth color. These stains can be eliminated with a dental bleaching. Other changes in color are due to trauma or certain medication taken during the tooth formation period (antibiotics, for example). If these cases, treatments such as root canals or porcelain veneers might be necessary to achieve changes in color.
  2. Patients without cavities or sensitivity: Bleaching can produce changes in teeth that – without proper professional supervision – can result in pain, sensitivity or undesirable results. If sensitivity is present, patients may experience an increase in discomfort, to the point where they experience pain when breathing or drinking water. Nevertheless, a treatment as simple as bleaching should provide excellent results without discomfort.There are many things to take into consideration BEFORE having a dental bleaching that will ensure correct color and avoid sensitivity or other undesired results.
  3. Patients with healthy gums: As mentioned by Periodontist specialist Dr. Mariana Gil in her blog, “How to take care of your gums and prevent periodontal disease”, cases of gingivitis or periodontitis should be treated and under control before considering dental bleaching treatments. To the contrary, whitening treatments can produce damage to the teeth and gums and, in some cases, the treatment results will not be optimal. There are also patients with thin gums or what we call “Thin Periodontal Biotype”. In these cases, the use of an incorrect brushing technique or dental bleaching can cause gum recession, tooth exposure or even sensitivity. A dental treatment has predictable results and should not cause any kind of discomfort or unnecessary damage to teeth or gums. This is why it´s so important to have a consultation with one of our Prosthodontics Specialists  before having a dental bleaching. They can help you make the best decision regarding your teeth and smile. 

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