Management of a Pediatric Patient in Dentistry

Because you are dealing with a human being going through a process of change, pedriatric dentistry requires more than just common dental knowledge.  This quick growth and development are only found in children, because children are constantly changing.

Pediatric dentistry generally treats prevention, management and education of proper oral health. this is not for children but for their parents as well, so that they can successfully help their children avoid cavities and emotional lesions, which i have found in my years of experience as pediatric dentist is one of the most important topics in this field.

The controversy is to choose a health professional who is sufficiently capacitated to handle and understand the behavior of a child. The first appointment is considered vital because it weights heavily on the success of the dental treatment of a child.

It is important to highlight that the environment, the dental assistants and the pediatric dentist should all possess the optimal characteristics so that the patient can feel identified and comfortable, and that his experience can be completely positive.

We should not assume that the pediatric patient is a little adult. Every instruction that is given should contain the appropriate terms and, if possible, show or exemplify the procedures. This will allow the patient and the dentist to have a closer relation or, in other words, give the patient a measure of confidence with the dentist who is treating him.

Is important to highlight that the first appointment is also vital for the parents of the patient. It is not easy for them to confront their own fears, due to previous experiences they or other people have had. It can be difficult because you are dealing with their own son or daughter.

Dental treatments for children should correctly documented the diagnostic information, family history, medical background, dental history, x-rays and the appropriate treatment plan. I mention this because the patient should have short appointments with the least number of setbacks possible. Treatment should be successful and the child should not be exposed to repetitive procedures.

It is a imperative that the pediatric dentist offer a clear explanation of the treatment to the patient´s parents as well as of the behavior management techniques and any type of device that will be needed. This will ally any doubts the parents might have.

The level of empathy the dentist achieves with the patient will depend largely on the dentist´s psychological training and on his ability to obtain the collaboration of the patient. Both the patient and the parents should have a positive experience, in favor of the oral and emotional health of their son or daughter.

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