Small details that will make your smile better

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Not everything in dentistry should be complicated or uncomfortable. Today, thanks to innovative materials and techniques, it is possible to solve the problems we have with our smile quickly and easily.

There are different names to describe these conservative techniques, such as bondings and composite laminates. These techniques allow dental professionals to change the shape, size, and esthetic of a patient´s teeth without resorting to drilling or shaving.

Some advantages of these procedures is that immediate results can be achieved in just one appointment and without the use of anesthesia.

before and after tooth closing

Procedures like these can improve one, two or all anterior teeth. They are especially useful to close spaces and improve the tooth´s shape.

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Porcelain veneers, one of the most conservative procedures in dentistry today, is also an option. Here, 0.3mm needed to be removed from the outer enamel layer.

Porcelain veneers are used when major changes are needed, like those caused by wear and tooth fracture, or when large gaps need to be closed between teeth.

The difference between bondings and veneers is that the latter requires lab work. In this case, our dental technicians fabricate the porcelain veneers. The procedure requires 2 appointments, usually without the use of anesthesia.

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Although both treatment options are quite conservative, bondings present some unique advantages: they can be executed quickly, and if they fracture, they can be easily repaired. This is not possible to do with veneers.

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Both treatments, combined with a dental bleaching, can achieve impressive results to improve your smile in a simple and conservative way.

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