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– Written testimonials from our clients –

Adriana Asch
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Cifuentes for a short time, nevertheless I can reaffirm that all his personal shines with professionalism and customer service. After spending weeks with pain, and consult several other doctors, I was sent to Dr. Cifuentes, where with the joint work with Dr. Muñoz, could achieve the right diagnosis. Both Doctors took their time to analyze and explain my problem. They recommended different treatment plans with their pros and cons, and cost. I would definitely recommend them with my family and friends.
Dra. Mariana Gil is one of the best care providers I have ever had. She cares about patients like they are family or close friends, and did everything she could to help me through the process of getting a gum graft surgery abroad. From helping me understand the surgery process, to helping me understand the cost, and helping me get medication. Dra. Gil is very sensitive to the needs of her patients, and firm but also caring in a genuine way I haven’t seen from many medical professionals. She was so responsive to all my questions, of which I had many. And was so quick to react when there were any complications with my healing or my surgery. Her English is completely fluent and highly technical, and she studied in dental schools in the US. I really appreciated how far Dra. Gil and her team went out of her way to make sure my surgery went well and am sad she is not my dentist back home. I highly recommend Dra. Gil and this clinic.
Ana Yancy Valverde
Dr. Cifuentes, Thank you very much! I’m so grateful and excited! May God keep blessing your hands, give you health so you can keep giving back smiles to your patients, just like you did with mine. Thanks to you and your assistants who work at Gil Dental Group, in both your offices, Escazú and San Pedro.
Andreína Monagas
Excellent patient care, the doctors show the highest level of knowledge and use top quality materials! 100% recommended!
Berta Meza
After being in your care, I have wanted to express my most sincere thank you, both for the way you treat your patients and for your professionalism, which you have overwhelmingly demonstrated in the work you did for me and with which I am beyond satisfied. For that same reason, as soon as my finances allow me to, I will continue to seek your professional services to finalize the procedure which you so adequately demonstrated was necessary.
Bob Rice
I am writing this review just after finishing the work I had done at Gil Dental Group in San Jose, Costa Rica. From the very first interview in August of 2021 to the final visit in July 2022 I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the service and material, the attention to detail, and immense kindness shown by the entire team at both of Dr. Gil’s offices in San Jose. I can say, without any doubt, that selecting Dr. Gil and his team was the right decision for me and I have no hesitation in highly recommending Dr. Gil and his team. He made sure I was 100% satisfied with the work and results every step of the way. A picture is worth a thousand words!
Cali Muñoz
Dr. Cifuentes is an awesome dentist! He´s professional, honest, and very open minded. He´s always concerned during your whole appointment that you feel comfortable, and the most important part, he never rushes, takes his time… I have never felt any pain! He really takes care of his patients! I can recommend him 100 000%, and not only because he´s my favorite dentist, but because he´s a great human being and professional. So now you know: He´s the most “pura vida” dentist!
Christina Matthews
Was passing through town while traveling and went in for a custom mouth guard, which are so expensive in the US. They immediately told me I did not need a mouth guard even though my American dentist kept trying to get me to buy one. I saw Dr. Dan, who might actually be a rocket science in his spare time. He asked if there was anything else I wanted to look at since I came all the way out. I had a cavity that needed updating, which I literally had an appt in the States to fix, and a growing gap in my front teeth. An hour later he’d fixed both in a fraction of the price of my American dentists. I can’t tell you how much I loved this place. It smelled LIKE A SPA Not to mention my patient room opened out to a rainforest garden with Hummingbirds! So much love!
David L Hall
Confident that Grupo Gil provides me with comprehensive dental care. I get my regular checkups and cleanings as well as any other treatments as needed. They take their time and care in doing a thorough job. Everyone has the same positive work ethic and patient focus. That’s why I have been going to Grupo Gil Dental for over 20 years.
Deborah Shapley (EE.UU)
I am a US dental patient with a life-long problem of poor teeth. My expectations were exceeded by the Gil Dental Group, in my first consultation there, three visits for treatment and now with the results in my mouth. The staff in this practice, starting with Lucas Gil himself, provides personal attention in a quiet, hard-working atmosphere. This clinic will make and adjust your crowns and implants in its state-of-the art laboratory, which is a few steps from the patients’ chairs. The in-house laboratory is key to this clinic’s high-quality work and accountability. Senior personnel participate in professional conferences in Europe and the USA to stay abreast of new technology and materials in this rapidly moving field. Gil Dental Group charges a bit more than I was offered when I shopped my first treatment plan online. This plan was minimal due to the high cost by US standards. But who wants the cheapest work if your teeth should last a lifetime? The Gil group’s prices were so much less than I would have paid in the US, that I had more teeth repaired. I will enjoy eating and smiling and have a better life thanks to the Gil Dental Group.
Evelyn Hernandez
For me, Gil Dental Group is the best dental clinic. My experience with Dr. Jimenez and Dr. Muñoz has been excellent. They are professionals of high quality and very humane.
Gustavo Salvatierra
I am very satisfied with the attention provided by both doctors and personnel. The work they do is of the highest quality.
Exceptional dentists with great attention to detail.
I was recommended in the U.S to have a full mouth reconstruction done in order to save my teeth. I decided to fly to Costa Rica after doing a lot of research and picked a clinic with a 5 star review. I had talked to them on the phone but when I arrived it didn’t meet my expectations. They had told me previously they could save some of my teeth but when I arrived they wanted to take them all out. They wanted to schedule surgery for the next day with little preparation. I had remembered someone recommended a dentist from back home and I decided to get a 2nd opinion close by. Dr. Lucas Gill accepted me after business hours and was incredibly professional and polite. They treated me with dignity and respect instead of like another number. They worked hard to fit me into their schedule last minute and after 2 days I was smiling and eating with temporary teeth. I have never seen someone so passionate about their job. Over the course of 7 days Dr. Lucas Gill placed implants and did root canal bone grafting. I then had my new natural-looking teeth. The most impressive thing though is that he created a new bite for me similar to what I had when I was 18. Dr. Lucas Gill is highly professional with a lot of empathy and I’m very grateful to him for restoring my teeth. He gave me the ability to smile and eat again.
Jorge I. Delgado
I have been a client of the Gil Clinic for almost 30 years. I think they are the best. The moment you step in things go like clockwork. You not only feel calm but also safe because of the environment and the professionals Dr. Gil has managed to organize in one place. The most up-to-date techniques are available, but a conservative approach is the rule. Options are explained in an easy manner and for the benefit of the client. The clinic has two locations (in the East and West sides of the city) making it convenient for the patients.
Katherine Asch
From the moment you step into the dental office, the attention and service are excellent. I am beyond satisfied with the service provided by all personnel. Definitely recommend this team.
“Dr. Daniel Cifuentes is an incredible dentist. After an accident that left my front teeth damaged, and after a botched treatment by a bad dentist, Dr. Cifuentes completely transformed my smile. He is a true artist in his approach. The facilities allow for natural light and with the lab on site they were able to color match directly in my mouth and in natural light. Additionally, Dr. Cifuentes made sure that the caps maintained the integrity of my original smile while also making some cosmetic improvements. I did a lot of research on what dentist to see before deciding on Dr. Cifuentes, and I’m so happy I made the trip from NYC to San Jose to see him. Beyond his vision and artistry, he is also a very kind, patient and gentle dentist. He’s a complete professional and takes great pride in his work. If you’re looking into a dentist to see in Costa Rica, and especially if you have work that is of cosmetic importance, look no further. Thank you Dr. Cifuentes for going above and beyond in restoring my smile!”
Lorena Guedes
Daniel managed the impossible: to make trips to the dentist enjoyable! This is not just because Daniel is a charismatic person and we have good conversations, but mostly because I feel reassured that I couldn’t be in better hands. He is a 360-degree perfectionist, who strives to make any procedure as painless as possible (I swear I have yet to feel the pinch of a needle) and to deliver the best functional and esthetic results possible. He always makes sure that I understand what options are available to me and that I am clear on what this entail. I first came to Daniel with a complicated case, and his positive and assertive attitude were very motivating. The results have been spectacular, much better than I could have imagined, and I am certain that with him, I will always have access to state-of-the-art treatments and to the safest procedures. Daniel values his patients very much and that comes through, from his patience in taking the time to explain things until they are clear, to his follow-up phone calls after any visit.
M. Figueres
For most of 63 years, I was caught between wanting to smile and feeling embarrassed because of my teeth. With 7 missing congenitally, you can imagine the gaps, the temporary fillings and caps that I had to go through, all of which would break or chip over time. Lately, my teeth were also getting grey and tired looking, as in many people as they age. It took Dr Gil, and his excellent professional team, 3 months to change my smile; at 64, my expression now radiates with a natural sparkle that immediately makes people want to smile back. I am constantly asked what I’ve done to myself to look so fresh and bright. I’ve realized how much I enjoy smiling, so it’s even had an effect on my disposition and my body language. I feel confident about my looks; because I know I look better, am more outgoing and communicative, optimistic and upbeat. Who would have thought that just having pretty teeth would change so much? This is like starting a new chapter in life, with a renewed me – still the same, just better!
Marco Vinicio Ruiz
I must thank my friend and his daughter, Dr. Lucas and Dr. Mariana Gil, who are extraordinary and talented professionals. This morning, I suffered a fracture on a tooth and got immediate attention, and received a sound diagnosis, and just 12 hours later I had successfully been fitted with an implant. Thank you, friends.
María Elena Camacho
My experience at Clínica Gil Dental has been excellent, and I am beyond satisfied with the multiple procedures I have undergone throughout the years. Both the doctors and clinic personnel are very responsible. I want to give a special thanks to Dr. Lucas Gil for his patient care and kindness; I was very scared the first time I went to his office, but I was treated wonderfully and have been a recurring patient for more than three years now.
María Eugenia Rojas
I have utilized Clinica Gil’s services for over 20 years, including the regular and emergency services. Thus, it gives me much pleasure to congratulate you and all of the staff for the excellent and quality services you provide. Included in this group are the parking lot staff who offer excellent services as well. Fondly Returning the affection I always receive.
Nancy Sirker
High standards of quality and ethics, definitely EXCELLENT. 👏…
I was eating something hard during the Easter Holiday and broke a piece off a molar that was holding a crown. Scared as I was, I reached out to Dr. Gil, who told me there were only two possible solutions— one being to extract the remaining piece of molar and then adding an IMPLANT. I almost had a heart attack. In my entire life I had never had to get any sort of anesthesia for a dental procedure. I wasn’t really scared about the extraction or the implant, what terrified me was the needle pinch needed to deliver the anesthesia. Dr. Gil said that it was nothing, so I decided to go for it. This last April I underwent the procedure. As soon I got to their office, both the dental assistants as well as Drs. Gil did everything to make me feel comfortable and taken care of. Dr. Gil had the hands of an angel in delivering the anesthesia. Him and his daughter did a brilliant job, I followed their post-procedure instructions to a T and had no bleeding and no pain. I am infinitely thankful and want to congratulate the team for the quality of their human interactions, for the kindness and tenderness with which they treated me, and for the level of hygiene and professionalism with which you do everything. May God bless you!
Pamela López
I am extremely happy and grateful to Dr. Lucas Gil, both an excellent professional and an exceptional person. His care for me was more than I could have hoped for, and he felt like a true angel who helped me in a time of great need. I can recommend him without reservation, and his support staff in the clinic showed the same dedication and regard for their patients. I look forward to having Dr. Gil as my caretaker for years to come and consider myself fortunate to have met him.
Phillip Edwards
I’m a British businessman who has lived in Costa Rica for over 20 years. As an owner of a beach hotel, I employ a lot of people and constantly meet tourists who stay at our resort. I have known Dr. Lucas Gil for most of my time here. He has treated my wife and I extensively with bridges, crowns, a full set of dentures and general hygiene work. One of my department managers also received implants and general dental care. Over the years we have sent friends and clients to Dr. Gil and all have praised his work.
Rosita Jara
The best Clinic, the best dentists! CONGRATULATIONS! To these very special people, for the patience and kindness with which you treat us, God Bless you.
Ruth Walcutt (EE.UU)
Excellent dental care, very professional, courteous, and flexible service. Entire staff is wonderful. Received compliments on quality of work when I went for routine cleaning and exam upon my return to Alaska. Clinicagil receives my highest recommendation. The clinic is located close to motels and shopping. The whole staff endeavors to make your dental care a positive experience.
Samuel Burgoon
I must say, when it comes to dentistry, this is the best service I have ever gotten. From the office personnel (Laura made a connection with my daughter Helena by making a chicken for her by inflating a latex glove) to Doctor Gil himself: thank you for helping me overcome my fear of the dentist!
Sandra Montalbert-Smith
Thirty years ago, I was looking for a good dentist to get crowns on a visible part of my mouth. Someone recommended Dr. Lucas Gil, and I was more than satisfied with his work. You couldn’t even tell the difference between the crowns and my natural teeth. Now, more than 30 years later, without having had any trouble with my crowns, I need to renew them since with the passing of time my gums have moved slightly upward. So, it is because of a matter of esthetics that now I have new crowns. And like so many years ago I’m more than satisfied with Dr. Gil’s work.
Sarah Rosenfeld
I would like to thank you and your staff for the implant surgery that you performed on me. I was concerned at the beginning, with not knowing what to expect. You and your staff discussed with me, step by step what you were going to do. This was very reassuring. Many people have commented on how great my teeth look. I then tell them that you are the best dentist in Costa Rica for implant surgery.
Tatiana Murillo
I am very satisfied with the service delivered by Clinica Gil. Dr. Daniel Cifuentes is an excellent professional and I highly recommend him. The quality of his work is extraordinary, as is the kindness and warmth with which he treats his patients.
Tyler Allen
I was lucky to have a retired American Dentist help me find Clinica Gil & Dr. Jimenez. Dr. Jimenez fixed my issues with veneers and the quality of his work was excellent! This is a first-class operation for a fraction of the cost in the US! They are all about the service they provide not about how many dollars they can put in their pocket. Highly recommended!
William McCandless
Dr Daniel Cifuentes Jara did a total restoration of my lower teeth with 5 implants some bone grafting and a permanent lower denture. It looks and feels totally natural, and I am very pleased and happy with the results. The color of the lower teeth matches the uppers perfectly, and they look like and feel like my natural teeth. I would totally recommend Dr. Dan and this Clinic. Thanks to Dan and his very professional staff, you guys’ rock!!!

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