Escazú Dental Clinic

Throughout the 1990s, the accelerated growth of Escazú provided an opportunity for the Gil Dental Clinic to expand beyond its San Pedro roots and into a new, local community.

“We wanted this to be a place where people from the entire western side of San José—not just Escazú—could go to fulfill their dentistry needs” explains Dr. Lucas Gil.

In 2000, the second Gil Dental Clinic opened its doors in Escazú to serve this growing population.

With the introduction of the Escazú clinic also came the consolidation of our internal laboratory—something that, according to Dr. Gil, has granted us complete control of the manufacturing process of our restoration materials. This has given us a major advantage over other dental clinics in the San José region.

“The type of material we use, the techniques, the manufacturing and delivery times, the immediate repairs—all of these has allowed us to guarantee better service than that offered at commercial laboratories” insists Dr. Gil.

The development of our Escazú headquarters included another change: thanks to the addition of more specialists, the clinic´s new name would be Gil Dental Group. Our team´s expertise in all forms of dentistry allows us to maintain a level of excellence that is unrivaled in Costa Rica.