Dra. Mariana Gil MScD

How to take care of your gums and prevent periodontal disease

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is mainly caused by bacteria in dental plaque. ...

Dra. Mariana Gil MScD

What is the gingival recession and how to treat it?

Gum or gingival recession occurs in cases where the gingival margin moves away from the ...

Dra. Antonieta Muñoz Solís

Posterior care to root canal treatments

Root canal treatment is the cleaning of the inner part of the tooth where, under ...

Dr. Rodrigo Jiménez

Dental Inlays

Dental inlays are a type of indirect dental restorations. This means they are not constructed ...

Fotografía que muestra unos dientes blancos después de haber recibido un blanqueamiento dental
Dr. Daniel Cifuentes Jara MScD

Costa Rica Dental Services: Who can have a Dental Bleaching?

As part two of our bleaching series “Dental bleaching and you”, we will discuss some aspects ...

sangrado de encias
Dra. Mariana Gil MScD

Why do my gums bleed and how can I treat this problem?

Quite often our patients ask us if a little bleeding after brushing and flossing is ...

Dr. Rodrigo Jiménez

Restoring your teeth with Fixed Bridges

Sometimes we hear the terms “Fixed Bridge”, Removable Bridge or Bridge as a dental treatment ...

Dr. Rodrigo Jiménez

Restoring your teeth with crowns

You have probably heard someone tell you that they are receiving a dental crown treatment. ...

dentista revisando paciente
Dr. Daniel Cifuentes Jara MScD

Small details that will make your smile better

Not everything in dentistry should be complicated or uncomfortable. Today, thanks to innovative materials and ...