Posterior care to root canal treatments

Root canal treatment is the cleaning of the inner part of the tooth where, under normal conditions, you find the pulp: soft tissue with nerves, blood vessels and other cells.

If the dental pulp is swollen, pressure is created, pressing the pulp against the walls of the canal, producing pain; little by little the dental pulp loses vitality, dies and causes infection. Root canal treatment resolves this inflammation because the endodontist removes the contaminated tissue from the tooth.

Root canal treatment is the first step to recover the tooth’s function and esthetics. After this procedure, the patient should take into account the following recommendations:

It is normal to feel some discomfort in the tooth, especially when bitting or chewing. This discomfort will disappear in a few days and can be controlled with medication.

Keep in touch with your endodontist and follow her instructions regarding medication. Incorrectly using medicine won’t make you feel better and could produce more undesirable side effects.

Your endodontist will use a restorative material to seal the access to the tooth’s canals. This material can be temporary, but must be replaced it with a permanent material as soon as possible, preferably within two weeks. Avoid biting hard foods with the treated tooth because it could produce dental fractures.

A delayed restoration may allow dor regrowth of bacteria inside the canals. The chances of fracture are also higher. Optumum reconstruction allows for greater longevity of the tooth. The goal of the Gil Dental Group is to achieve this through a collaborative effort among our specialists.

Finally, dental hygiene is of utmost importance. Teeth can suffer cavities even after a root canal treatment. Thus, it is important to visit your dentist every six months for a check-up. Gil Dental Group believes prevention is an important part of a good health and of a beautiful smile.

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