X-Ray & 3D Imaging

At Gil Dental Group clinics, we use advanced, cutting edge technology for diagnostic imaging. That translates into more precise, faster and safer dental x-rays.

The preciseness of digital images improves our diagnosis process. Digital x-rays on the computer can be zoomed in on and examined in detail so that the dentist can make the best possible decisions regarding your dental care.

The speed of digital radiographs allows our professionals to share your digital x-ray with you without any delays. Your dentist will quickly diagnose and discuss your treatment plan with you so that you fully understand how your dental care is planned.

Digital radiographs are safer since they require a lower dose of radiation and minimizes the risk of tissue damage due to excessive exposure to conventional dental x-rays.

Unlike film, digital images will never lose their clarity, quality or resolution. This results in fewer x-rays to our patients. Because the dental files are also digital, they can be emailed for your patients´ record and saved for follow up consultations.

3D images (Dental CT Scans)

A CT or CAT scan is a tri-dimensional image for the observation and evaluation of an object in all its volume. In addition, because it creates very small cuts, it offers a moving projection, almost like a movie. This increases our confidence in our diagnosis and helps the patient understand his or her dental needs.

With 3D scans, we are able to assess the bone area around the teeth three-dimensionally, which allows a precise diagnosis and understanding of complex cases.

The CT scan provides us with confidence, projection and a greater stability in decision-making situations when we make a diagnosis and a treatment plan. This eases our work and helps our patients understand their situation, for we are able to watch the anatomic structures, just like in a movie.

3d dental imaging

Panoramic X-Rays

A dental panoramic x-ray is an image that captures the upper and lower jaw as well as the teeth and some additional anatomic structures in a two-dimensional projection from ear-to-ear in a single shot.

Gil Dental Group uses these types of radiographs to document and monitor the procedures and dental treatment plans for of our patients.

panoramic x rays

Intraoral X-rays

Dental X-rays at Gil Dental Group are digital. They require only 10% of the radiation dose when compared to traditional x-rays. Another benefit is the fact that they don´t need to be developed manually. This allow us to have an image on the screen immediately, which leads to a faster and accurate diagnosis.

intraoral x rays